One of the most asked questions we have is “What do I feed?” and “How much do I feed?” You will notice in our contract that a large majority of us approving you for one of our puppies has to do with the fact that we must be able to trust you to properly exercise and feed your new puppy as they grow throughout their life.

Believe me, I have tried about every type of dog food, looking for the “Holy Grail” of dog food for our family members.  There are many ways to feed you dog, just like there are many ways to feed yourself and your family.  We are big fans of feeding a raw diet (when it is done properly) and we will be updating and providing more information on this subject in the near future.  Until then, here is a good introduction to feeding raw, written by Cindy Rhodes of Leerburg. Click Here to read on nutrition of German Shepherd puppies.

Currently at Vertrauen German Shepherds, we feed a combination of a few thought processes as the proof is in the poop!  We feed

  • High quality kibble 
  • Raw meat, beef scraps
  • Knuckle beef bones
  • Green tripe (when we can get it)
  • Kelp and/or Alfalfa Powder
  • Dogbloom VM Supreme  or Vertex from Canine Performance Nutrition


We have found this combination to work best for us in our kennel at this time.  There are literally dozens of quality foods for German Shepherds, but we have had the best luck with Royal Canin.  Per our Puppy Contract, you must feed an approved dog food to your puppy/dog throughout their lives for our Health Guarantee to remain intact.

Here is a link of approved dog foods that you may feed your Vertrauen German Shepherd. Anything that has 4 stars or higher is on our approved list.

CLICK HERE to view a list of approved dog foods.