Vertrauen German Shepherd’s Mission Statement – “a roadmap that declares our purpose, as a family, and serves as the standard in which we live our lives through passion, prayer, actions and decisions. To create value and make a difference by inspiring moments of optimism, inspiration and responsibility by providing the incredible privilege of having a German Shepherd Dog in the lives of the chosen few. “

Vertrauen German Shepherds is a German Shepherd Breeder Kansas City area with the majority of our puppies finding homes all over the United States.  With the power of the internet, you are not limited to breeders that are just local to your home.  Call us today and allow us to help you find your German Shepherd dream puppy!


The word “Vertrauen”, by definition, is the German for “Trust” and/or “Confidence”.   Vertrauen German Shepherds in Missouri do not just “breed German Shepherds”, we put much discernment in our German Shepherd puppies that are produced by healthy, great temperament, deep red color, and loyal parents.  Vertrauen German Shepherds believe that deterrence is better than confrontation any day, so we keep this in mind when choosing a pairing for our German Shepherds stud dogs and mothers.  Many of our Vertrauen German Shepherd puppies have grown to become wonderful assets to the needs of humans as Autism Service dogs, PTSD service dogs, Cancer detection dogs, and explosive detection dogs.  We recommend Mose Hugghins with for training.

Vertrauen German Shepherd breeder Kansas City make the perfect home companion or can go on to a service career. Whatever you are looking for, we will match you with the perfect German Shepherd.  We feel as though you are not only adding a new puppy to your family, you are gaining a friend with Vertrauen.  Please feel free to contact us throughout the life of your puppy with milestones of growth, training accomplishments, or just share the love you have for your German Shepherd puppy. German shepherd breeder kansas city.